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The Smart Sales Solution™ approach is a systematic sales strategy, designed to optimize and expedite the performer building effort.

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Keith McKinney The Navy Fighter Pilot – in coaching since 2007.  One of the most experienced Commercial and Residential Real Estate Broker in the country with over 40 years plus experience.  Keith oversees 150 commercial agents plus his own team.  Most of his transactions are 7 figures plus.  Keith began his career as a Navy Fighter Pilot flying “the Grumman S-2f anti-submarine warfare “Hunter Killer” aircraft and the Douglas A4-J Skyhawk” off the USS Coral Sea in 1973 during the Vietnam War. Keith has utilized his training to help him navigate stressful, complex and serious business/life issues while helping us to embrace and implement those as well.  His keys are:  1-Discipline, 2-Stay Cool and Calm (no matter what),  3- Spatial Awareness, (constant observation of what’s going on around you) 4-Stay focused (don’t let distractions obscure your focus).  He loves what he does and is all about the fundamentals, disciplines and accountability.   Video Testimony.”

Keith McKinney, Coldwell Banker Bain Associates, Mercer Island, WA

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