Derrick Monroe

President & Realtor, The Derrick Monroe Group, Rockford, MN

I hired Don Cunningham when I first went into real estate on the recommendation of a friend who had hired him. I will admit, I was reluctant at first. I had never really heard of coaching and truly did not fully understand how it was going to help me make more money by paying someone to talk with me. I quickly saw coaching and the advantages in a whole new light after just the first call. Don helped me understand and open my eyes to scheduling my time better, listening better, overcoming objections and he even helped me organize my life better which also improved my business. I worked with Don for years and although at first it seemed expensive to pay a coach the result was it paid for itself 10 times over. Coaching with Don earned me more income, more balance and enriched my already strong negotiation skills. I would do it all over again the same way. Don has become a friend since we started coaching, he’s personable, cares, listens and truly does want to make your life better, you can feel it when you work with him. There are many coaching systems out there, tapes, seminars and webinars but nothing truly impacts your business, income and life more than someone you can reach out to on a regular basis and has been there. I owe a lot to Don and now entering my 18th year in real estate feel blessed to know him and know I can call for answers when I need it.

Bo English

Realtor, Keller Williams Realty Gulf Coast, Pensacola, FL

"Don Cunningham coached me for 3 years straight and I've nothing but things to say about him. Don is a straight forward guy and has always been honest with me. Don helped me with several sticking points in my business over the years. Don I'd recommend Don's coaching to any real estate agent or salesperson looking to expand their business."

Brian Leonard

Realtor, Re/MAX Results, Plymouth, MN

I have been selling real estate full time for over 22 years. I have been coaching with Don Cunningham for several years and he brought me to a current level that I never thought possible. With a small team of 3, I am consistently one of the Top Producers in my state. Don also was there to help me through one of my most difficult times of my life dealing with my 15-month old son who was critically ill for several months and eventually ended up passing. It was with the guidance and help of Don that got me through this and continue with my real estate career. I contribute my past and current success to a lot of the things that Don taught me to do both in my business, personal life and how we treat and take care of our clients. Thank you, Don for everything that you've done for me, my business and my family. I would not be where I am today without you! If you are looking for a coach to take you to the next level, Don is someone I would highly recommend.

Jeff Kolb

Home Mortgage Consultant/New Construction Specialist, Sauk Rapids, MN

I have been in sales and mortgage for many years, so nothing Rich Rudnick had to say was earth shattering. But what I can say is Rich will hone your skills to a higher level of production. He will break your process down to the basics and show you how to build a reliable, sustainable, high production process. He is the real deal! From learning to work with different customer personalities, to how you break your day and week down. Rich will help you with all aspects of your sales process. I definitely recommend Rich and his programs!

Stefani Havel

Branch Sales Manager, Wells Fargo Mortgage, Blaine, MN

I have personally worked with Rich 1:1 and in group program for 8+ years and I know it works. Every year my business and my team have grown exponentially and I could not have achieved the results for myself or my team without coaching. EVERY successful athlete, business professional has a mentor /coach. It is critical to have that person that is committed to YOU & your success working with you. Rich will help you create a 6 step dynamic presentation to gain TOP Realtor relationships, challenge you to develop and grow your business skills and hold you accountable to achieve higher results than you have ever before.

Tony Randall

Associate, Re/Max Synergy, Forest Lake, MN

I have now been with Rich Rudnick for three years, and during that time he has kept me on track. I've have always likened my time with him as meeting with my "therapist" to sort out my thoughts for the week that was and week that is. I would recommend his assistance to anyone. Thanks, and looking forward to next year!!

Regie Jones

Realtor / Seniors Real Estate Specialist, Century 21, Greenville, TN

I started working with Rich Rudnick in January of 2016 and I have been very impressed with Rich's motivation to grow my business and increase my real estate transactions. In 2015 I had 29 transactions with a  total of just over $2,000,000 in residential sales. Since starting with Rich this year I have nearly doubled my transactions and my sales volume. In 2016 I closed out 50 transactions with over $5,000,000 in residential sales! I can not say enough about my experience with Rich Rudnick and Smart Sales Solutions. Not only have I increased my sales but with Rich's coaching I also have more personal time to spend with my family.  Rich has taught me better time management, how to price listings to sell first, and how to network more effectively with my sphere of influence. I highly recommend Rich Rudnick to increase your sales!

Michael Jans

CEO/Founder, Agency Revolution Inc., Bend, OR

I’ve hired Rich Rudnick as our sales coach many times over the past 8 year. And we keep going back to him because he makes a difference! His systems tell us exactly how each sales rep is doing and where they need to improve. What he teaches about Behavior Style Selling helps us close more sales! This past year we worked with him all year, and our sales went up! I would recommend him to anyone!

Rob Brown

The Savy Agency, Bend, OR

I’ve been coaching with Rich Rudnick for 6 years and I consider his services an extension of my business and responsible for much of our success. After 6 years, I understand the Smart Sales Solutions® concepts and systems well, and rely on Rich for accountability and to help guide me through growth challenges and opportunities. Rich has taught me the importance of a healthy pipeline, and how to create an on-going stream of incoming leads, which allows us to have an abundance of clients and an opportunity to be selected and work with those who we consider to be our ideal client. I highly recommend Rich, Anita, and all the fine coaches at Smart Sales Solutions that follow and teach the well tuned Smart Sales Solution® program.

Nick Moore

Moore Financial Advice, San Francisco, CA

Now that I’m coaching with Rich Rudnick, it’s easy to look at the big picture and track current and potential business. Before, I knew where my business was coming from, but now I have a tool that helps me look at all the moving parts. I have tracking numbers all assembled in one place. Coaching has helped me in that, I have regular, scheduled meetings for which I must be accountable to have done homework to advance my business. Getting regular support and feedback that jump starts my energy level and gets me moving is also very helpful. Persistence and perseverance pay off. As a result, I am seeing my commissions continually increase, along with my building pipeline."