Keith Schoolcraft

Chief Executive Guru, A Couple of Gurus, Minneapolis, MN

Coaching with Rich Rudnick has been most beneficial in helping me keep my accountability to the sales process and he is great to talk sales strategy with. Before coaching, “Winning” was a challenge for me. Now I know what it takes and have learned the system. I find that I work well with Rich on a one on one basis. He is kind and uses a direct approach, especially with me being a High D. It works well. In making my final decision to hire a coach, I considered the fact that Tiger Woods has a coach. So I hired Rich. You can only get better at something if you have someone pushing you. And he definitely gets the job done! One of the key take-aways I have learned from coaching is “You miss sales because you miss steps.” It is so drilled into my head that anytime I think about a deal that we lost, it is because we skipped steps.

Jerry Cutright

Director, Old Trapper Smoked Products, Denver, CO

“Working with Rich Rudnick has really opened my eyes to how I approach my professional, spiritual and personal life. He affirmed my strengths and showed me where I have room for improvement. His approach to leadership is refreshing and has helped me accelerate my professional, spiritual and personal growth. With Rich’s help, I am becoming more productive by approaching planning, relationships, and time management differently. Rich provides sound advice that may help me overcome some of the challenges that are presented to me. Rich challenges me to think differently. Working with Rich has been one of the most rewarding experiences in which I have invested my time.”

Kevin Conrad

Realtor, Keller Williams Realty Integrity Lakes, Inc., Minnetonka, MN

"I have been coaching with Rich Rudnick for a year now and it has proven to be an integral part of my business growth. I was reluctant at first to invest in coaching but realized that if Rich could help me get 1 more sale, then it would more than pay for itself. Halfway through my first year, I already surpassed last year's GCI and am on my way to double my income! Rich knows how to motivate me and to the extent that I need to be “pushed.” He has me tracking my numbers, looks for patterns for growth, and provides weekly tasks and tools to accomplish my goals. I thoroughly enjoy our sessions together and intend to continue to grow, exceed my goals, and fulfill my family's dreams with Rich by my side."

Carol Dietz

Realtor, Edina Realty, Inc., New Prague, MN

Starting my new career in real estate after being a salon owner for over half of my life, I knew I needed the support of a coach to reach my goals. Rich Rudnick not only pushed and encouraged me, he also believed in me more than I did in myself at times. In my first 9-10 months of coaching, I achieved more than I anticipated or thought possible, all while keeping my priorities straight. Now into my second year, I have goals to double and I am well on my way. Having the accountability and learning to have balance in my life is key. The most beneficial tools have been the systems Rich has given me. He has helped me set up a road map not only to stay on track, but to help me see my progress when I start to look too far ahead. Rich’s coaching approach is down to earth and encouraging, which has worked very well for me. He understands different learning styles and adapts to the differences helping me right where I am.

Josh Johnson

Realtor, ReMax Results, Edina, MN

I just wrapped up my first year of real estate coaching with Rich Rudnick. Previously having no experience with coaching and just over 1.5 years as a realtor, I was introduced to Rich from a lender partner of mine. Rich was quickly able to take a lot of the self-imposed hurdles out of my way and was able to get me on a much more productive path toward success. My business more than doubled within the first year of coaching and I signed up for another year of coaching and am already on track to double my business again. For those of you who are contemplating a coach, my recommendation would be to find a coach that holds you accountable and has a platform for tracking and projecting your numbers...this would be Rich. Investing in and making coaching part of your business plan should be a top priority if you are looking to grow your business and increase time spent with family.

Jeff Kolb

Home Mortgage Consultant/New Construction Specialist, Sauk Rapids, MN

I have been in sales and mortgage for many years, so nothing Rich Rudnick had to say was earth shattering. But what I can say is Rich will hone your skills to a higher level of production. He will break your process down to the basics and show you how to build a reliable, sustainable, high production process. He is the real deal! From learning to work with different customer personalities, to how you break your day and week down. Rich will help you with all aspects of your sales process. I definitely recommend Rich and his programs!

Stefani Havel

Branch Sales Manager, Wells Fargo Mortgage, Blaine, MN

I have personally worked with Rich Rudnick 1:1 and in group program for 8+ years and I know it works. Every year my business and my team have grown exponentially and I could not have achieved the results for myself or my team without coaching. EVERY successful athlete and business professional has a mentor /coach. It is critical to have that person who is committed to YOU & your success, working with you. Rich will help you create a 6 step dynamic presentation to gain TOP Realtor relationships, challenge you to develop and grow your business skills and hold you accountable to achieve higher results than you have ever before.

Tony Randall

Associate, Re/Max Synergy, Forest Lake, MN

I have now been with Rich Rudnick for four years, and during that time he has kept me on track. I've have always likened my time with him as meeting with my "therapist" to sort out my thoughts for the week that was and week that is. I would recommend his assistance to anyone. Thanks, and looking forward to next year!!

Regie Jones

Realtor / Seniors Real Estate Specialist, Century 21, Greenville, TN

I have been working with Rich Rudnick since August of 2015 and have been very impressed with his motivation to help me grow my business and increase my real estate transactions. I cannot say enough about my experience with Rich and Smart Sales Solutions. Not only have I increased my sales, but with his coaching I also have more personal time to spend with my family. He has taught me better time management, how to price listings to sell first, and to network more effectively with my sphere of influence. I highly recommend Rich to increase your sales!

Michael Jans

CEO/Founder, Agency Revolution Inc., Bend, OR

I’ve hired Rich Rudnick as our sales coach many times over the past 8 year. And we keep going back to him because he makes a difference! His systems tell us exactly how each sales rep is doing and where they need to improve. What he teaches about Behavior Style Selling helps us close more sales! This past year we worked with him all year, and our sales went up! I would recommend him to anyone!