One on One

young woman shakes hands with her potential new boss

Smart Sales Solutions® is a premier supplier of One on One Coaching for both large and small businesses — across the United States and Canada.

Our focus combines formulated analysis along with client self analysis which provides a strong assessment and foundation from which we help build your business. Your commitment combined with our experience and expertise makes for a formidable partnership.

We begin the process by conducting not one, but four analysis.

They are the D.I.S.C. Behavioral Analysis , the Personal Interest and Values Analysis , the Sales Skills Index Analysis and the Client Self Analysis. This combination provides both you and your coach a more in-depth view of your Natural verses your Adapted behavior. We examine your sales skills and identify the areas that need refining. Add into the process your personal values and interests, plus your own analysis and now we have the basis to start a coaching program.

So, you’ve decided to invest in your business.

You’ve worked on your business plan, found the money and are willing to commit the next 6 months to improve your bottom line. You’ve decided to hire Smart Sales Solutions®, now what? In addition to the 4 analysis procedures you will receive The Smart Sales Solution manual with the Smart Tools CD.

Your program begins with a 90-minute first session.

We spend a great deal of time debriefing you on all the analyses you’ve taken and we begin to understand who you are. You will experience some ah-ha moments and find some of your deepest secrets have been revealed! You will discover the reasons behind your inability to work with certain types of clients, while also discovering why you are drawn to some others. We will begin to see patterns and holes in your analyses that will begin to provide the framework for success.

Your next session is 60 minutes. This is where we begin to lay out your success pattern.

We form the foundation with specific goals in mind. We walk you through The Smart Sales Solution manual and the Smart Tools CD so that we are all on the same page with the same goals. Weeks 3-24 are scheduled well in advance and consist of 30 minutes on the telephone with your coach. These sessions provide the reinforcement you will need to make significant changes in your life and career. The weekly session provides accountability for both coach and client. We check in on your successes and your challenges while making sure we are on track to move forward.

“Smart Sales Solutions® recognizes that each of our clients is an individual.”

With some coaching programs you might find one or two types of analysis, but not four. You might find One on One Coaching, but not weekly. You might find a coaching program, but not personalized to fit your needs. You might find a great coach, but you will more than likely have a different coach each time you call in.