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Downloadable “Building Instant Rapport”

Learn 13 easy but often overlooked or not utilized steps to Build Instant Rapport within ten seconds of your first meeting with your prospect. Learn the best Behavior Style approach that opens the door–what the prospect is trying to determine about you and what you must convey to your prospects. This skill set is a must for any sales professional at any level.

30-Minute Consultation

We’re so confident that you’ll be favorably impressed with our coaching and consulting, that we’re willing to let you try us out at no cost and no obligation to you! This is a great opportunity for you to learn exactly how we can help you to grow your business.

Marketing Assessment

Many sales organizations can never reach their full potentials due to a lack of effective marketing. This free test will help you to determine whether your marketing needs are currently being met.

Outline of The Smart Sales Solution™

Learn some of the secrets behind our unique process, The Smart Sales Solution™, and how you can benefit.

Sales Assessment

Most sales professionals never reach their maximum potential due to a lack of specific planning, skills, systems and execution of the fundamentals. This Free assessment will help you easily and simply rate yourself and determine areas of greatest need.

Guide to Phone Prospecting with ‘Do Not Call’

Educate yourself with the knowledge and resources on regulations, exemptions and disclosure requirements for your state and business. Create the plan to prospect by phone while staying in compliance and avoiding unnecessary fines. Includes a full report of disclosures and exemptions by state.

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Free Items For Download