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Smart Sales Solutions® offers a team oriented training program customized to meet your needs.

Training contains many of the important elements that the full coaching system includes but in a more compressed format. Depending on your requirements, training can be delivered in one day workshops or tele-seminar presentations.

Training may be ideal for your company if you’re looking for a cost effective way of jump starting your sales team with productivity skills and techniques and provide strong motivational boosts. Components of The Smart Sales Solution™ process are used to assist you in developing essential strategies and systems.

Professional Training Services

Our professional training services encompass:

  • Sales Training
  • Business Training
  • Marketing Training
  • Sales Training Management
  • Business Training Management

After a brief consultation, we will help you to establish the outline of a training program specifically designed for you and your firm. All of our training programs include components of The Smart Sales Solution™ process.

Behavior Selling vs. Core Selling

Our Current Class Offerings:

Behavior Style Selling – The Approach

Half or whole day training workshops are available. Learn the keys to Behavior Style Selling utilizing the DISC Analysis sales version. Learn how to effectively blend your behavior style with your prospects, enhance communication, build rapport and increase sales. (Participant receive a DISC Analysis and learning aides.)
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Core Selling – The Process

Half or whole day training workshops are available. Core Selling is the recommended second session to Behavior Style Selling. Now that you understand your behavior style, you can learn to pre-qualify your leads, deliver a dynamic presentation and become the master of objection handling and closing.
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Plan Your Business for Success

Start the New Year right with specific goals for your business and the plans to ensure your goals are met. Identify your key differentiators to separate you from you competition in the marketplace. Upon completion, you will have the foundation laid for your business this year.
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Advance Your Business Now

Learn how the market will define you and the key components of taking your business to peak performance in this tough market.
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Leveraging Time to Grow Your Business

Time is your most precious commodity. Learn to control time, your clients and others’ expectations. Includes time management systems and tools.
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The 6 Foundational Corners to Your Business

You will learn:

  • Building New from You
  • The Foundational Corners
  • The Missing Corners in Your Business
  • The Best Way to Install the Missing Corners
  • Year End Review

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Building the Right Team the Right Way

You will Learn:

  • Building New from You
  • The Extreme Team Makeover
  • Growing Your Team right
  • All the Team Building Pitfalls to Avoid

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Putting on the CEO Hat

Why goals core values, purpose and BHAG’s are more crucial now than ever. Becoming Great (applications from Jim Collin’s book “Good to Great”)

  • Level 5 Leadership
  • Dealing with the brutal facts
  • Bringing the right people on the bus
  • Disciplines throughout the organization –starting with you!
  • Creating your Hedge Hog Concept

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Smart Recruiting


Fast Track™ Training

Specifically designed for the new sales person or for those who need a production boost, our Fast Track™ Training Program combines key sections of The Smart Sales Solution™ program to deliver a dynamic training tool. This program includes the D.I.S.C. Behavior Assessment for each participant, an action plan and assignments, training manuals, tracking tools and homework.  Upon completion, the participant will have implemented The 6 Foundational Corners into their business.
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Grow Your Listing Inventory Now

  1. The key sources to tap into now
  1. The approach that will generate appointments
  1. Preparing for objections

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Executing Smart Prospecting 

Are you part of the 85% that produces 15% or less?
Would you like to join the 5% that generate 85% or more of the business?
Are you in the top 5% but know you are missing too many opportunities?

Then you need to attend:

Executing Smart Prospecting to Advance Your Business Now

In this fast paced one hour session you will learn:

  • Why Prospecting Must Be a NonNegotiable Hill to Die On
  • Why Most Don’t Prospect
  • Preparing to Execute Smart Prospecting
  • Executing Smart Prospecting Now

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