Specific consulting plans and strategies can be created to increase sales for yourself or your company utilizing either our One-on-One Coaching or Consulting services.

Taking care of business with a smileSales Strategy and Development

If you want to achieve a dramatic growth in sales, long range planning and sales forecasting, you need concrete plans and specific strategies to develop productive people and effective systems in your organization.

Sales Strategy

An effective sales strategy includes:

  • A Sales Strategy Assessment
  • A Business Plan with specific goals measuring annually, monthly, weekly, and daily goals for the company and each agent or representative
  • A Smart Marketing Plan which includes: Itemizing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within your market place, competitive market analysis, market forecast, segmentation, market needs, etc.
  • A Marketing Strategy Assessment
  • Each Agent or Rep Completing a Sales Strategy Index Assessment

Sales Development

Once the sales strategy has been completed and development needs are addressed, a game plan to improve sales performance and system efficiencies must be implemented.

Sales Development is enhanced in the following areas:

Sales Person or Agent

  • Core Sales Skills
  • Behavior Style Selling
  • Daily Disciplines
  • Goal Setting
  • Business Plan
  • People Skills
  • Mindsets/Attitudes
  • Business Skill Development
  • Daily Planning
  • Increasing Sales Conversion Ratios


  • Time Management
  • Scripts
  • Database Lead Management
  • Production Tracking
  • Performance Management Review
  • Prospect & Client Follow Up

This can be delivered in the following formats: