Will technology eliminate the need for Realtors in the next Decade?

Will technology eliminate the need for Realtors in the next Decade?

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Are Realtors a relic of a by gone era?  Within a few years will all Real estate transactions be completed without a Realtor or at best with a discount Broker?  Don Cunningham and Rich Rudnick address these  critically important issues most if not all Realtors are facing today.

Technology has transformed our world, from how we live day to day and conduct business.  In most cases, we have benefited tremendously and our standard of living has skyrocketed.  We have also seen technology replace assembly line workers, cashiers and even entire industries like Expedia did with travel agencies.  Newspaper companies are on their last leg.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is advancing and will increase its presence and impact at a rapid pace in the 2020’s. The prediction is Real Estate will be transformed to the point where Real Estate Agents will no longer be needed.

In this Podcast, Don and Rich discuss:

  • The two forces invading the Real Estate Industry that are gaining Market Share
  • How well these forces are really doing and what could take them down
  • The two options the consumers have to choose from
  • Reviewing past predictions – outcomes and what is different this time
  • How to best leverage and prepare yourself
  • The next decade’s largest demographic the technology experts are overlooking

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