John Taylor

RBC Wealth Management, Bend, OR

I just brought in 13 million in new business. Thanks Rich Rudnick, your coaching works!

Douglas MacDonald

Murray and MacDonald Insurance Services, Falmouth, MA

Smart Sales Solutions® has been a great help to our organization. They have taken an active part in the personal one on one weekly sales mentoring using an efficient 30 minute phone call to track results to goals. Rich Rudnick follows timely and responds to challenges that surface during the week working as an effective “Outsourced Sales Manager” for our organization. Smart Sales Solutions® has also helped our management team align staff and prospective employees with their unique abilities utilizing the DISC assessment test and following analysis and discussion. This has helped improve our Human Resource efforts to hire and retain ideal associates. I highly recommend Rich Rudnick and his team to work for you.

Tom Safley

Lewiston, ID

Rich Rudnick has been a very good “sounding board” for me, especially during times when I have struggled with some of my professional relationships. He has been someone that I can always count on to tell me the truth. One of my challenges was getting “stuck” on a position when working through issues or problems at work. Rich helped me develop skills to help me to think a bit outside the box. I appreciate working with him because he is always very straight forward and honest, and will tell me things even when he knows that they will be difficult to hear. Some of the noticeable gains in my life have been in the personal area. I have become much more disciplined about taking care of myself and my health, and as a result I now exercise daily. I have also lost over 45 pounds over the past nine months (with the assistance of Weight Watchers)! My experience with Rich has been very valuable for me in both my personal and professional life. I have picked up skills that have helped me out in both of these areas. It is definitely worth the time and investment.

Tony DeBone

Deschutes County Commissioner, Bend, OR

Over three years ago I participated in personal life coaching from Rich Rudnick at Smart Sales Solutions. I knew that preparing myself for an election year as an incumbent county commissioner would be a wise investment. I found that knowing more about myself and how I react to people and situations is very valuable. Having a general outline of my perfect day and productive week always gives me a frame of reference for what I am doing and why. I feel more confident that I am living a purpose driven life. If you are interested in being a highly productive professional, call Rich.

Conrad Ellestad

American Mortgage & Equity Consultants, Inc., MPLS

For the past 4 years my business has consistently grown and even doubled from the previous year. I attribute much of that to Rich Rudnick’s coaching and systems in place. He does an excellent job holding you accountable and finding ways to grow your business. I highly recommend Rich’s service and have referred him to others who have seen great results as well.

Logan Waller

Waller Group, Dallas, TX

I have used all of the following coaching/sales training programs: Craig Proctor, Brian Buffini, Mike Ferry, Howard Brinton, Dirk Zeller and Rich Rudnick. Out of them all I think Rich and Smart Sales Solutions® is the best value for the time, skill, expertise and organizational tools, that any coach or consultant has to offer. In the Buyer Agent training program, our buyer sales increased 40% in just 12 weeks, and that was in a tough market!

John Burgess

Realty Executives Premier, Burtonsville, MD

Since starting with Rich Rudnick at Smart Sales Solutions® in January 2008, my team production has doubled and executive count tripled. We now have a pipeline of potential new Executives that will lead to multiple new signings per month!” John says, “the 8 Steps to Sell Your Listing in a Down Market is used by all his teams and listing presentations – bringing in listings that are appropriately priced for the market.” “Who leads the leader? Who motivates the motivator? Who do you bounce off thoughts, ideas and game plans? A coach!” As a new Broker/Owner, John was able to achieve his recruitment goal and maintain strong team productivity when most offices his size are closing.

Kelly Kehoe

Realty Executives Saskatoon, SK Video Testimony

Rich Rudnick at Smart Sales Solutions® has given me the tools to expand my client base, manage my time and streamline my business. The weekly one on one sessions provide me with a continual reminder that I have to be at the top of my game. Thanks, Rich!”

Beth Lindner

Keller Williams Realty, Wheaton, IL

Working with Stephen Powell and applying what I’m learning has doubled my business in one year. My pipeline is more robust than at any time in my 13 year career. Stephen has a unique gift of understanding how to counsel based on one’s personality, goals and vision. As a practicing Realtor, Stephen “gets” the incredible highs and lows of real estate. It is been very rewarding to work with a coach who encourages dreaming BIG, then directs actions that make those dreams and goals attainable. It has been much appreciated that Stephen not only coaches to fine tune and improve my business but also holds me accountable in my personal life. My family has directly benefited from the work/life balance that is a core value of Stephen’s coaching. With my business plan in place, there is full confidence this year will provide the highest production level of my career, yet will allow quality time with my husband, children and grandchildren. Working with Stephen has been a game changer for me and one of my best business decisions ever. Give Stephen a call today!

Eric Stewart

Long and Foster Realtors, Rockville, MD

Rich Rudnick has been a pleasure to work with for lots of reasons. Being a busy agent, I needed direction, vision, organization, and importantly accountability to institute change in my practice. After a year with Rich coaching me, my production is up 10% (from 121 transaction sides to 133), but believe the ground work of this year will yield even greater results next.