The Key to Achieving Your 2017 Plan

The Key to Achieving Your 2017 Plan

Happy New Year!   Now that we are well into 2017, it is imperative if your Business Plan is not in place that you set a deadline (sooner than later) to have it completed.  Next, there are some simple yet important steps to follow to make sure you achieve, and better yet, exceed your plan.

  1. Believe you can achieve it.  The first step to achieving your plan, to have your best year ever is to believe you can!   Most fail to set and achieve larger goals because:
    • They don’t know how or
    • Don’t think they can accomplish what they planned.   The main reason is the plan wasn’t broken down from annual to monthly, weekly and daily goals.   Make sure you have daily goals, that if you hit, will ensure your annual obligation is met.


    2. Execute in the daily disciplines.  Time block each day for Prospecting and Business Development so you have plenty of time set aside to reach your daily goals and plan ahead.

    3.  Report and Measure your results. Inspecting what you expect accelerates your performance.  Too often, a business plan will be written, filed and not reviewed until it is too late to make the necessary changes to achieve it if numbers are lagging.   Looking back on what you expected, compare to what you actually accomplished and adjusting to any deficiencies on a regular (weekly/monthly) basis will increase your likelihood for success.

    4. Nail the first quarter.  For too many, Q1 ends up being the lowest producing quarter due to “checking out” during the previous holiday season and taking the month of January to finally get back on track with goals and plans.  If you take your annual goal and divide by 4 and hit that number by March 31, your likelihood of successfully reaching your plan is infinitely higher.  Finish your previous year strong and roll into your New Year with momentum on your side.

    5. Have someone hold you accountable.  You need someone to report and measure your results to help you make the necessary adjustments if numbers aren’t being reached.  If you want to ensure 2017 is your best year and you achieve/exceed your Business Plan, Contact Us and schedule a Complimentary Session with one of Our Coaches to make sure everything is set.  Time is of the essence, so don’t delay!

We are here for your success and want you to realize 2017 as your best year ever!