Tim, you can’t be serious. One word can be that powerful? Yes it can. This one word stops everything. It’s like a close out bid in bridge — the bidding stops. This word has that impact on our thought process. What’s it preventing you from accomplishing?

Have you figured out what it is? It is that one little word.


“BUT” — one little word with a tremendous amount of power. Think about it. How often have you said, “I would really like to (fill in the blank), BUT I don’t have the money, don’t know how, etc. etc. All possibility has been shut out. Next time you hear yourself say that, see a big yellow caution light flashing in your eyes – replace the “but” with “and.”

When we say, “I’d love to take my family on vacation, but I don’t have the money.”  That’s it, end of story, you might as well forget about it, because it is not going to happen. “I’d love to buy my wife a new car, and I don’t have the money” creates a completely different energy. Now the door is not closed, there is simply a problem to be solved. “And” opens up a world of possibility. Now it is “How will I?” not “I can’t.”

Are you ready to quit closing doors and, instead, open yourself up to solutions? To me that’s a no-brainer. Change that one word and you will change your results.

Try it for a week — “and” for “but.” Then, contact me and let me know what’s happened. I believe you will like the results.