If you want to run your business at Peak Performance, the first area to focus on is

Consistency refers to the habits, disciplines and high pay off activities that one needs to implement into their business on a (regular) basis, preferably daily to see consistent growth and move from surviving to thriving these include:

Time management / blocking
Daily Disciplines
High payoff activities
Consummating agreements
Business Development
Self Development
Goal setting / review
Role playing

Time Management

Time is our most precious commodity. We can always make back or get back any
money we have lost. However, every minute, hour and day that goes by where we
fail to implement new skills tools and disciplines; or take time building memories with
loved ones, is time lost never regained. Today we all woke up one day older and what
we do with our time and day will define us as individuals. Thrivers who run at Peak
Performance understand the value of time and work to control their: day, time, activities,
clients and expectations. They set appointments when they are available instead of
the other way around. Controlling time means being less available so you can be more
available. Following Steven Covey’s concept of time in Four Quadrants:

(1= Important/Urgent 2=Important/Non Urgent 3= Urgent/ Non Important 4=Non urgent/Non Important) Thriver’s who run at Peak Performance always stay in Quadrant One and Two activities.

Prospecting and Business Development

These two activities are the greatest catalysts to growing your business and the two
that rarely get scheduled into the calendar. When you make prospecting and business
development a hill to die on, and consistently work in those areas daily and weekly,
business naturally increases. Prospecting (making something out of nothing) daily
to increase opportunities and Business Development (working on your business-
improving systems processes etc) combined allow you to plan for and realize growth.

Consistency | Persistence | Attitude | Confidence

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