Wayne Zuk

Broker/Owner, Realty Executives Saskatoon, Saskatoon, SK

We are a results oriented company always in search of how to take business to the next level. Our association with Rich Rudnick and Smart Sales Solutions has proven to be a wise decision. Through their coaching program, Smart Sales Solutions has helped many of our Executives achieve “Realtor of the Month” honors–that’s not easy in an office that averages over 20 sales per agent per year. Well done Rich.

Kathy and Lisa Madore

Edina Realty White Bear Lake, Stillwater, MN

Rich Rudnick and his coaching has helped enhance our goal forecasting and implementation of action plans to meet and exceed those goals. He’s helped us track our business and better understand where it is coming from and therefore spend our marketing dollars more effectively. We would highly recommend Rich and his team to enhance the business of other agents in our company.

Dean Zachman

Edina Realty, Plymouth, MN

Since being in real estate for almost 20 years, it’s hard to go back to the basics and look at my business from a different perspective. What worked in the past years may not always work in the future. Rich Rudnick has been able to open my eyes and keep me accountable in my daily tasks and goals that I tend to neglect or ignore. He brings great insight and knowledge to the real estate market trends and delivers proven results. I’ve been working with Rich since June of this year and surely hope the support will deliver an outstanding year. www.DeanZachman.com

Tammy Soderlund

Edina Realty, Willernie, MN

Ann Arthur Holloman was a saving grace to me, as I was contemplating getting out of the Real Estate Industry all together. As I filled out the information prior to starting coaching, I realized how much I really loved selling homes the last 15 years. I just did not have systems in place to assist me in the process. During the journey with Ann’s superior coaching skills, I came to value myself and understand the importance of having set times for prospecting, how to track my prospects, be more prepared for everything and anything and take time for myself to rejuvenate. She has been a huge asset to my early successes this year. I will continue to use all the strategies from her vast amount of experience from now on. Well worth the investment in myself!

Jeanne Tondryk

Broker Sales Associate, Coldwell Banker East-West Realty, Duluth, MN

Working with Rich Rudnick and Smart Sales Solutions has been a real eye opener, a great experience that has changed my outlook on life and work. The result is my business is way up and I have more of a personal life. My recommendation is just do it and be ready for change!

Jane McGee

Jane McGee

I am laughing as I recall that day back in September when I reluctantly made “that first phone call appointment” to my new coach, Stephen Powell. My stomach was in knots as I dialed the phone and he answered. I wanted to do this coaching thing, but was not sure if it truly was for me…I had heard stories about those coaches!! Well, to my surprise, Stephen immediately put me at ease with his great listening and communication skills, knowledge and experience through his gentle, but direct coaching style and encouragement. I have regained the daily disciplines and confidence I was longing for, yet so lacked in areas of my life. Stephen has an unique way of humbly teaching with respect, adapting to my learning style and affirming when appropriate all while holding my feet to the fire. My personal and professional life has propelled forward in a positive and efficient direction. I am excited to continue my coaching with this man who ministers to the whole being. I highly recommend him and all who engage with Stephen are truly blessed.

Pat Callan

Broker/Owner Realty Executives Premiere, Wheaton, IL

I’ve been coaching with Smart Sales Solutions since 2008. As a 40 year professional, I need expert coaching to keep growing in spite of the market. With help from my coach, our last year growth over this year was a: 53% increase in Agent count, 11% increase total # Closings, 24% increase in closed volume and 12% increase in average sales price. Thanks Rich!

Ron Burke

Perry Homes, Houston, TX

“After 33 years in Real Estate, I realized I needed help understanding why I was losing sales. Thanks to my son Cory’s recommendation, I called Smart Sales Solutions. Last year, Rich Rudnick helped me sell 4 homes, worth well over $2M that closed in one day. I don’t remember ever making a sale in one day. Looking ahead, I am looking forward to tightening up on my pre-quals, making appointments and keeping them, as well as continuing to get testimonials from clients and other realtors. Since my post about how Rich and Smart Sales Solutions has helped me improve, I added one more, one day sale in September (total of two), and one this month in October, making 6 total since June. Thank you for helping me move from my static position! I thought it was the market… but I discovered it was me!

Amanda Reynolds

Coldwell Banker Bain Associates, Mercer Island, WA

It’s important to have a mentor, coach or someone to talk to especially today. We live in a fast paced, multi-tasking, demanding society where we can easily lose track of ourselves, let alone our business. What Smart Sales Solutions has done for me is far more than just business. Sure we initially went into this because I was forming a “Team.” But my life turned and I needed to evaluate my whole life and coaching, I feel, is a whole package for both business and personal time. I’m not even sure Rich knows the impact he had on my life, but I was at a time where I was totally “giving up”. Smart Sale Solutions helps you look at YOU, and think really hard on what it is YOU really want to do/accomplish/go, from here. For me, it helped and is still helping restore my “WANT” and I feel “in control” of my life.

Keith McKinney

Coldwell Banker Bain Associates, Mercer Island, WA

Rich and I have been working together for many years now. Rich has transitioned with me through career cycles and changes as a Broker Owner, Designated Broker, Managing Broker, and Team Director. He has been an instrumental "partner" with me during our relationship adding inspiration and focus for my Associates, Brokers and Team Members and Staff. The results have been tremendous.