It’s About Time You Master Time

It’s About Time You Master Time

Your day ended and you wonder what you accomplished.  You can’t take back yesterday although you wish you could.   You woke up today one day older.   You repeat the first two statements at least once a week and the last one every day.  It seems like this has been your life, for years!   There are 5-episodes that will reset your focus on how you your day and time are spent:

  • Your Birthday
  • New Year’s
  • Death of a loved one
  • A severe injury or illness
  • A near death experience

Before the year is over you will experience at least two of these life brevity reminders.   You and I have limited and less time to make a difference and accomplish our goals.  Before another day gets away from you honestly assess if:

  • You are controlling your day, time and clients.
  • Your day, time and clients are controlling you.
  • Everyone is on your calendar.
  • You are on everyone else’ calendar.
  • Your day is planned in advanced including personal time off.
  • Tyranny of the Urgent drives your day.

Determine to make the necessary changes so that you are accomplishing what you want, when you want and living life without regret.  Ask for help from one of Our Coaches and attend our upcoming Webex:  Leveraging Time To Grow Your Business.

Do it Today!


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