Stop Selling to Everyone the Same Way!

Stop Selling to Everyone the Same Way!

Do you only sell to people the way you want to be sold?

Do you have an approach that seems to work that you apply the same way to every prospect?

Are you selling to everyone the same way?  If so, you need to stop because sales are being lost!

What would happen to your sales if you understood how your prospects make decisions, select products and you helped them buy their way?

We are all wired differently, which determines how we respond to stress, decision making and how we select products.  This includes your prospects!   If you are not factoring in the behavior of your prospects as you are selling to them, then the likelihood increases for a sale loss.   Here are easy steps to start gaining an understanding of your Prospect’s behavior:

  • Understand your Behavior.   This starts with understanding your behavioral strengths and development needs, communication style and tendencies under stress.  If you don’t know what your behavior is, you can take a DISC Behavior Assessment.   See DISC Sample
  • Become a student of Behavior.  Once you have an understanding of your behavior and how you are wired, you need to better understand your prospects by observing there:  body language, gestures and pace.  They will indicate to you what their behavior is, how they make decisions and select products.
  • Blend your Behavior Style to your Prospect.    When you know your behavior and more important your prospect’s and adjust your approach as your take them through your process; you will help them select the products they want and make decisions their way, essentially helping them buy their way!

 If this all sounds great but you need help, do one of two things TODAY:

  1. Enroll in Behavior Style Selling – WEBEX 
  2. Schedule a Complimentary Session with one of Our Coaches.


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