Are you nailing the first quarter?

Are you nailing the first quarter?

One critical and often overlooked step to accomplishing your 2017 plan is to nail the 1st Quarter.  Too often sales reps blow off Q1 and blame it on weather – when in fact it has more to do with inactivity in Q4 of the previous year and coming out of the gates slow in January- February.  I addressed this in The Key to Achieving Your 2017 Plan and it is time to pause and determine if you have a shot at accomplishing ¼ of your annual goal by the end of March.

My clients know how many sales are needed by a certain deadline to realize the 25% mark.  Most are there or will be very close.  Those who accomplish this benchmark dramatically increase the likelihood of hitting their annual goal.

How is your year starting off?

Are you ahead- tracking or behind your goal?

How does this year compare with Last-Year to Date?

Are pending sales where they need to be and is your Hot Prospect pipeline full for the next 2 weeks?

As we witnessed last Sunday- if you are way behind and have no hope for a strong start, you still have time to come back and win.   The next step would be to determine how many new sales would be required by April 30 to be a third of the way to your yearend target.   If you are throwing interceptions that are getting returned for touchdowns, Contact Us today so you can huddle up with one of Our Coaches and come up with a new game plan and strategy to win in 2017.   Do it now- Don’t Delay!


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