This Week With Jen Mueller and Her New Book, “The Influential Conversationalist” by Keith McKinney

This Week With Jen Mueller and Her New Book, “The Influential Conversationalist” by Keith McKinney

I had the unique opportunity this week to meet Jen Mueller at a book signing for her new book “The Influential Conversationalist.”  Her new book is “spot on” as Jen reveals the importance and power of being a good “Conversationalist”. Her new book Prolog begins “Sitting at your desk and hoping someone notices your efforts doesn’t work as a career development strategy. Talking does. That’s why you need tools to become an Influential Conversationalist. Your talent and know-how will be the best kept secret without the ability to communicate those skills to others. Are you talking enough to get to where you really want to be in your career? Here’s what you’ll discover as an Influential Conversationalist:”

Daily interactions develop leadership potential. This new book will allow you to follow the strategies outline by this veteran sports broadcaster and you’ll be able to:

  • Showcase your accomplishments and display confidence.
  • Develop a fan base at work that raises your profile and influence.
  • Communicate in a way that makes your conversations more effective.
  • Make yourself available for bigger opportunities. Jen developed “The Influential Conversationalist Approach” after nearly two decades in professional sports locker rooms.

Jen Mueller has developed a powerful skill that each of us in industries of High Velocity Sales and Management need to acquire as well. Her workplace conversations require the ability to communicate in high leverage, real-time situations during live interviews with athletes from diverse backgrounds. She’ll give you a different take on how to approach your next business communication. I had a great time meeting Jen, and it affirmed with me the power of opening our own minds to the experiences of others – and how important it is for each of us to improve our own “Skill training through Team and Personal Coaching.  If you’re willing to open your own mind to learning new skills, or feel the need to energize your 2018 Business and Marketing Plan, visit our website for more information, or to attend one of our specialized workshop webinars.

“Jen is part of the Seattle Mariners television broadcast team on ROOT SPORTS and serves as the radio sideline reporter for the Seattle Seahawks. She founded “Talk Sporty to Me” in 2009 and provides resources and corporate training on the value of being a sports fan in business. Learn more about Jen at”

If any of this resonates (it all should), then Contact Me and schedule a Complimentary Session TODAY to ensure your conversation and communication skills are where they should be!

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