Are you making it rain for you and your team?

Are you making it rain for you and your team?

Making sales for yourself can be challenging enough.  Making sales opportunities for others is an entirely different matter that requires an attitude, mindset and disciplined approach at another level.  If you have more business than you can handle currently, you need to move beyond yourself and start building the right team the right way to remove the lid you are bumping into.  If you already have your team in place, it is critical that you execute in and have the following structure in place for your team:

The Attitude-Mindset and Disciplined Approach of a Rainmaker

Assembling a group of people under your name and expecting them to perform is not enough to guarantee success.  Thinking and acting like a Top Producer and running your business at Peak Performance is where you begin.  Here are some specifics:

  • Focus on fewer, higher end leads that will pay you more and generate business for everyone long term.
  • Hand off lower paying leads to the right team member so you can continue to focus on generating higher ones.
  • Role model the consistency disciplines of daily: time blocking, prospecting and making every activity an appointment.
  • Work on 3, 6 and 12 months from now today.
  • Embrace a Positive-Proactive-Abundant and Selective attitude/mindset.
  • Run your business like a business with you as the CEO applying all Good to Great principles

What you Need to Provide to Your Team Members

  • A concise and fair compensation plan and Job Description.
  • Coaching with specific-attainable goals with reporting and measuring.
  • Systems and processes to ensure success:  A Sales Process, CRM, Marketing, Checklists, some Admin support, leads to convert.
  • A positive environment with clear communication and delegation.

How healthy is your team?

If you want to assess how you and your team are doing and determine what Improvement Plan(s) are needed to increase production in the 2nd half of 2017;

Mid Year Review – Real Estate
Mid Year Review – General Sales
Mid Year Review – Loan Originator
Mid Year Review – Insurance

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