Have you looked at the forecast lately?

Have you looked at the forecast lately?

Are you so focused on the row in front of you that needs mowing that you forget to check the forecast to see if you can even finish the job before a storm hits?  Is there a storm brewing around you that is ready to engulf and dramatically change your life that you are not aware of in spite of obvious warning signs?

This applies to every area of your life.  Living in the moment can have its benefit in a life balance sense with family; but can be detrimental if you are not taking a forest view regularly to determine if you are on track and no barriers are in the way that require overcoming.  Here are some examples:

  • Spiritually. Everything in life seems to be going great, but you are restless, questioning the meaning of life and why you are on this earth.  All of a sudden, a life crisis hits and you are drowning with no flotation device to hang on to and your foundation has no solid footing. 
  • Relationally.  You are in a relationship you take for granted or are too comfortable in, not cultivating and prioritizing like you should. One day this person leaves you unannounced and you are beside yourself why this happened. 
  • Physically. You consider yourself healthy and fit only to find out the doctor has bad news as a result of your neglect and bad habits.  
  • Professionally.  Business has been great and you may be experiencing your best month(s) ever. Without realizing it complacency and arrogance sets in, clouding the reality that soon you will have a production decrease even with warning signs and sirens going off. 

Are you mowing the grass in a tornado? I hope not but far too many are and will suffer as a result.  Don’t let that be you!  With 2017 half over, take 30 minutes to review, report and measure your results to date in all of your Business  and LIFE accounts; Contact Us Today and set a time to meet with one of Our Coaches.

You will be glad you did!


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