“Know, Like and Trust” by Keith McKinney

“Know, Like and Trust” by Keith McKinney

“Know, like and trust” is a three-step process that agents need to master in order to convert more of their own lead database. Most leads start out as strangers who transition into a warm lead and then evolve to someone that “knows” you as their sales person. Getting to the “know” stage is essential in the lead conversion process. Prospects must know you because, when they do, they’re more likely to like you and refer you to other buyers and sellers. Trust is also an important part of the equation. When your clients trust you, your advice has greater weight and the sales process goes more smoothly. There are many ways to build “know, like and trust,” and they all begin with building rapport with your leads.” Writes Joe Sesso, Author; National Speaker for Homes.com. Some of Joe’s best “tips” for Brokers include:

  • Model your body language.
  • Adjust your tone of voice.
  • Be genuine.

Observable behaviors and emotions are the “how” of your life; How we walk, talk, shop, drive, and play, is the language for people watching and how we interact daily with our business partners and our clients.

Are you familiar with the 4 Dimensions of Normal Behavior (DISC). Do you know what your Behavioral Profile looks like? Understanding yourself and others can have an immense impact on your “Bottom-Line” results for 2018. Take the challenge and order your DISC assessment today. Let me help you to understand yourself and your business better than you ever did before.

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