How to Thrive in a Softening Market

How to Thrive in a Softening Market

The economy is booming, at unprecedented levels, more than we have seen in our lifetime.  The stock market is at an all-time high and appears to have no ceiling.  Comparisons are being made with the late 1920’s. In most markets, Real Estate is softening and has some worried that another crash is imminent.  Lenders are laying off.  What is going on and how can you prepare to thrive especially with so many mixed signals?

All markets cycle and ebb and flow.  The last eight years have seen Real Estate come roaring back. Equity losses from the last down turn have for the most part been recovered.  It should come as no surprise with all the economic and market growth, that a cooling or softening has taken effect.  It is needed, healthy and opportunities abound when this takes place.  Are we headed for a crash?  We are in a much healthier place economically than a decade or so ago.   Rates are rising because the economy is growing and we are seeing the desired outcome.  Eventually a “crash” will come.  They always do.  For now, this is healthy, necessary correcting and balancing.

With the 4th quarter now well under way, it is time to review 2018, assess your strengths and identify improvement areas.  This market is perfect for those who want to shine and apply the necessary disciplines to thrive and grow when most are receding.  The market doesn’t determine your outcome unless you allow it to.  It is not what the market is doing rather what you are doing in the market that matters!

Here are 4 easy steps you can take to ensure you thrive and finish 2018 strong and build momentum to make 2019 your best year:

  • Complete your Yearend Review.  Honestly rate your key disciplines, determine your improvement areas and begin making your changes today.
  • Identify the opportunities this market is bringing and start exploiting them today.  Most people ride the tide of the market and when the tide pulls back they exit.  This give those who are in it to win it to start working prospects the right way.  In Real Estate there are many opportunities to tap:  more Expired listings, FSBO’s will list now, buyers have breathing room. Lenders who are purchase focused who bring listing leads to Realtor partners, can bring value like never before.  Start working now and gain an edge on your competitors who are contemplating getting a job (which are plentiful now). 
  • Schedule a Complimentary Session.   You see yourself where you are.  Our Coaches can help you see where you can go and become.   Take us up on this no obligation time to go over your Yearend Review – plan your final weeks of 2018 and 2019 as your best year.   This will be the best complimentary time you will spend. 
  • Plan on making 2019 your best year.  The first step to making 2019 your best year is to believe you can.  Taking the next 10-12 weeks to refine your disciplines is key.  Invest in yourself and Hire a Coach!

 This market is the best of both worlds and those who seize the (many) opportunities will thrive while a greater number will dwindle and become statistics.  Which will you be?

In Real Estate there are many opportunities to tap: more Expired listings, FSBO’s will list now, buyers have breathing room.

Schedule a Complimentary Session.

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