Make the Back Half of 2016 Better Than the First

Make the Back Half of 2016 Better Than the First

The year-end countdown for adding 2016 business to your book has begun. In some cases, due to your sales cycle, you only have 12-15 weeks remaining!  By now you should have reviewed your year to date numbers, compared to your annual goal, and subtracted the difference.  Now divide the difference by the number of weeks you have left to build 2016, and you have your weekly goal.  Confronting the brutal facts is key…

If you are like most, the first half of the year has been strong and in some cases, record breaking.  That doesn’t mean the market trends are sure to continue at the same pace. In fact, the economy may retreat, requiring a change in action to ensure you maintain and increase your sales in spite of such changes.  Remember, it is not what the market or economy is doing, rather, it is what you are doing in the market that determines your outcome.  The market and economy affects us all.  You have the power to determine how much or little it affects you.  All markets provide opportunities you can benefit from if you first identify, and then tap in to them.  Remember, there are more casualties in strong markets than retreating ones.  There are benefits to having to grow during changing times. It forces you to execute better, sharpen your skills and disciplines, and shake off complacency.

Your disciplines create leverage points which allow you to control and grow your business.  There are four disciplines you need to rate yourself in:

  1. Consistency: This is where most people need improvement and what catalyzes business growth.
  1. Persistence: How you pursue your warm/hot leads will determine whether you or your competitor closes the deal.
  1. Attitude: Your attitude determines your altitude. Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right! – Henry Ford
  1. Confidence: Confidence is essential for showing your leads that you or your business is exactly what they need. 

When you run at Peak Performance your business will thrive!  Take a few minutes to complete your Midyear review:

General Sales
Real Estate
Loan Origination

We invite you to schedule a Complimentary Session with one of Our Coaches.  We will help you map out your adjustments and discipline improvement plan, along with specific goals to ensure that you finish 2016 at, or ahead of your goals.

Not your stride?  Challenged with implementing in order to produce the results you desire? Consider hiring a Coach!  Famous columnist and author Harvey MacKay recommends you hire a Coach.

Recognize your potential, then allow us to help you unlock it!

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