Does this picture create an emotional blizzard to fly through your mind?  It is the picture that many see when they look at themselves in the mirror.  They want to be successful, they want to strike out on a great quest, they …… lead lives of defeat.


Statistics show that 93% of the population is following the wrong path.  A path that has been laid out by self-serving individuals whose agenda would be compromised by your or my success.  This group teaches that life is a competition, a win/lose battle of the have and have-nots.  It is also fostered by those who want to hold us back because our success would make them look bad.  Misery loves company; therefore, they’ll do what they can to prevent our success.

The antidote – learn from each failure.  Each time something doesn’t work, refine the process.  Each adjustment will bring us closer to the goal.  When we achieve it, the victory will be ours to celebrate.  

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