Does Cold Calling make you sick?

Does Cold Calling make you sick?

Perhaps the greatest pandemic that threatens business’s future existence and relevance in the market is the “Call Reluctance Flu” that can run rampant in many sales organizations.  This is why too many independent sales reps (Real Estate- Mortgage-Insurance- Financial Advisors, etc.) tend to over spend on lead generation and marketing programs that promise to all but close the lead before the Rep even talks with them.

First of all, let’s clear up some myths and misinformation.  Most professionals if they had their choice would rather engage with a lead that had a higher level of interest. desire and were interested in talking with them.  Who wouldn’t?  Embracing solid marketing- lead capture programs that bring warmer prospects to you that doesn’t require a second mortgage on your house (or more than 5% of your gross income) is smart.

Debunking the Myths:

  • Cold calling is dead. The facts are the number one reason why businesses fail is lack of sales.  The number one most effective way overall to grow business is consistent daily prospecting which includes calling new leads never before contacted.  If you aren’t finding new leads to work, and constantly working the same ones, you will experience the law of diminishing returns.  Your funnel needs to be replenished constantly.  Some marketing companies even play on this myth using the very language in their email campaigns to get you to buy into their program which promises to eliminate it.  Eliminating targeted (cold) calling will lessen opportunities and your ability to grow no matter what the market is doing.  By definition, cold calling is when you call down a random list (white pages before DNC) working whoever answers the phone.  I am not an advocate for that level of cold calling.  Too often, past clients- sphere and targeted leads (ex-FSBO- Expired for Realtors, Realtors for Loan Originators, targeted business for insurance) are placed in the cold call category by most sales people.  Targeted leads are not cold leads or a cold call.  Past client and sphere are definitely not cold unless you abused or mistreated them in the past.If you are not regularly contacting your current- previous clients and friends/family asking for business and referrals- because you incorrectly labeled that activity as cold calling; you need to adjust your mindset and start contacting them today.


  • People only want to receive text messages. This is more generational than anything.  The majority of people over 50 rarely text or only recently began to text.  By the way, this group has the most money- assets, own the most businesses etc.  This myth or excuse is usually what millennials tend to hide behind.  This is not to say you shouldn’t incorporate texting into your prospect- follow up plan.  You need to mix it up and go with what works to end up in a phone or face to face conversation.  At some point, a conversation has to be made and initiated-by you!  For most industries picking up the phone is the best and most efficient way to engage your prospect.


  • Great marketing brings the business to me presold. I wish that were true.  Too often the magic pill is oversold by marketing companies.  The good ones will capture- drive leads to you, that doesn’t mean your work is done.  They will generate a hand raise or opportunity.  The rest is up to you!  This requires a phone follow up and properly taking them through your Sales Process.  Several Marketing –lead generation companies have hired me to build their outbound sales department.  Even for companies that are in the business to generate “presold” leads, understand the necessity of having a robust sales team to go out and bring business in.  In fact, most leads sales people have to work are cold- cool that they need to go after and warm up (convert).  As much as we would all like to have warm to hot teed up business to work, the reality is we need to have 2-3 times the amount of cold (targeted) and cooler leads in our funnel.  It is our job to make clients out of them.

If you are suffering from or have “symptoms” of the “Call Reluctance Flu” bug, don’t delay call your Doctor today!  We can help diagnose what ails you by having you take an Overcoming Call Reluctance SurveyContact Us Today so we can Schedule your no obligation Complimentary Session with one of Our Coaches.  Next we will prescribe the correct remedy to help you effectively implement prospecting and target lead (cold) calling so you are getting in front of more opportunities that aren’t coming to you.

Also-getting the right branding- marketing- website company is key.  Check out and tell them Rich sent you.

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