Q2 Forecast- What to Expect and How to Position Yourself for Success

Q2 Forecast- What to Expect and How to Position Yourself for Success

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With the first quarter of 2019 complete it is time to look back at the last two quarters and determine what is in store for Q2.  Listen to Q2 Forecast- What to Expect and How to Position Yourself for Success Now!

Why it is important for you to know trends and forecasts:

  1. To capitalize on the opportunities and minimize the challenges and risks.
  2. Gain an edge over your competitors.
  3. Be prepared and respond better.
  4. Achieve your quarterly goal.

Before we look ahead, let’s recap 2018:

2018  US Summary

  • 2.9% overall  GDP growth (Q-2 over 4%)
  • Q3-4 tailed off (1st half stronger than back)
  • Unemployment lowest in decades
  • New job creation up – strong consumer confidence
  • Dark cloud: trade deficit spike, National Debt
  • Q4 stock market dip

2019 Q1 Summary (US/Global)

  • Lower job growth (US)
  • Lower unemployment (3.8%) everyone benefiting- including African American/Hispanic/Women
  • Global economic cooling (China/Europe)  – trade with China – headwinds -bond yield curve
  • Stock market rally – 10 year bull run (maybe 1-2 more years?- China deal could boom it)
  • US growth forecast revised down to 2.1%
  • Still strong economy – best strongest in world – expansion will end at some point
  • Interest rates – no rate increase expected unless Q2-3 stronger than expected
  • Retail sales up in January- down slightly in February
  • Blue Collar- Service industry profits down- wages up – due to low unemployment
  • Housing prices expected to climb in 2019

Listen to:  Q2 Forecast- What to Expect and How to Position Yourself for Success and implement Intelligent Solutions in a Complicated Market Place!

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