No prospect wants to be serviced by or work with an incompetent or self-doubting sales person.

Especially in this market where prospects are hard to find and many are nervous and skeptical. The only way to thrive in sales is to exude a high level of confidence.

In order to run at peak performance you must have confidence in:

Your Company
Your Product
Your Ability

In this market skittish prospects will only work with thrivers who display confidence in the
most professional, ethical, timely manner.

“Besides pride, loyalty, discipline, heart, and mind, confidence is the key to all the locks.”

Penn State football coach Joe Paterno wraps up all the great characteristics for success
with confidence. He describes confidence as the keys to all the locks.

Confidence unlocks all that holds you back.

Think about it. If you lack discipline in a
certain area, your confidence in yourself and future can over ride and slay that weak
area because deep down inside you know if you focus in that area you will overcome it.
Confidence helps you to tackle a tough project or task. It helps you to advance and move
forward. Without confidence you are either in neutral or worse- reverse.

Of the four components necessary to run at peak performance: confidence is what the
consumer requires of us especially in this challenging market. No one will do business
with a sales professional that lacks confidence in themselves, their company and product.

If you are struggling with confidence, before you go out on the field, take some time to ask yourself why and bring it back. If you do, you will have the key to all the locks.

Consistency | Persistence | Attitude | Confidence