Rich Rudnick – Head Sales Coach / Trainer


Rich Rudnick – Head Sales Coach / Trainer

What Rich’s Clients Say

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Rich, the mastermind behind The Smart Sales Solution™ process, has a stellar track record of motivating others to achieving their highest potentials.  Individuals and groups have brought their personal and business lives to a whole new level by using the tools and disciplines in Rich’s coaching.

Over 37 years, his experience ranges from being a top sales performer himself, to building sales teams and systems from the ground up for a variety of organizations.

As his own career in sales developed, Rich discovered two important truths about sales performance:  First, he learned it wasn’t enough to have God-given aptitude, or to be willing to work hard; delivering consistently high numbers required a holistic, systematic approach.  Second, a balanced personal life was not only desirable, but actually a critical ingredient in meeting one’s business goals.

Those two principles, combined with the application of solid, time-tested sales tools and techniques, guided Rich in the creation of a unique performance-growing process that made him not only much wealthier… but much happier.  Over time, he found that he got tremendous satisfaction from helping others achieve their own successes, and that he had a gift for it.  He also discovered that there was a huge demand in the small business market for first-rate but affordable business growth services.  Thus was born Smart Sales Solutions®, a company dedicated to helping people like you achieve financial and personal success.

Rich has been married to his lovely wife since 1988, and they have 3 adult children and one daughter in law.  Rich’s enjoyment of his family, and his commitment to them, give daily reinforcement to his belief in the importance of being more efficient at work in order to dedicate more time to family.  He is also a man of strong Christian faith, who has incorporated a strong sense of integrity and moral values into his professional life.

For Rich, the bottom line is about people; he loves to impact lives and make a difference, one person at a time.


D.I.S.C. Certification – TTI, Ltd.

The leader in product development and research in the area of behavior and values as well as the creator of the first fully validated computerized behavior assessments, has awarded Rich Rudnick the credentials of Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA).

To receive this award, Rich demonstrated proven application experience and passed an intensive three-hour examination on analysis and interpretation of the D.I.S.C. assessment reports.

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